Turning Over a 2.4mR Single Handed


It is often necessary to take out the ballast leads and turn your 2.4 over for maintenance and repair. It’s fairly easy to do if you have a couple of pals to help, but how to do this in a safe controlled manner when you are on your own?

  1. Tie a rope harness around the 2.4 in front and behind the keel as shown below, left. Make sure that the harness is secured around the keel root so it does not slip off. Include a pulley block in each of the over-deck ropes as shown below. Note that turning a new hull without a deck in place, as here, requires temporary braces to prevent the shell from distorting. Some slack in the harness reduces the tendency to crush the shell.

  2. Mount a 2:1 lifting block set above each of the over-deck ropes as shown above, right. Mine are permanently mounted in the roof beams of my garage. There is also a pair of cleats off the right of the photo for securing the lifting ropes. Hoist on these ropes to lift the 2.4 off the trolley.
  3. The 2.4 will now turn over easily by pulling and lifting the keel. The pulleys roll around the harness so that the 2.4 rotates around its long axis. When upside down, jam the pulley blocks in the harness to stop the 2.4 from righting itself while you lower it onto a suitable trestle.
  4. The reverse process is just as easy. Remember to install both pulley blocks in the harness on the same side of the keel otherwise it won’t rotate. Jam the blocks in the harness, then haul up and remove trestles. Release the jammed blocks, pull the keel towards you and lower it until the 2.4 is upright again. Roll the launching trolley under it and lower away.


Many thanks to Nick Cook for this entry.