Frensham Open

Frensham Pond is often a tranquil place but on the weekend of 10th-11th May a gale blew gusting at times in excess of thirty knots.
Nineteen boats were entered but on Saturday afternoon and for Race One this number had dropped to nine. The remainder elected to stay ashore and watch the alleged FUN!
Megan Pascoe won five out of the six races over the weekend but the competition was far tighter than might be supposed. Megan was given good competition by fellow visitor, Ian Stowe, who had travelled from Rutland Sailing club and by Frensham's own Bruce Hill. Although Megan took all the first five races, the competition was tight with many place changes. Bruce Hill restored Frensham's honour with a decisive win in race six. By the time of this race gear breakages and retirements had reduced the competitors to five brave souls who arrived back on land a trifle damp. And of course Megan Pascoe who took the trophy for the tenth time.