Rutland Frostbite

The Weekend saw 7 2.4’s head to Rutland for the last race of the season, the Farrow’s Frostbite. Renamed in the honour of Andrew Farrow who was a keen supporter of the class and disabled sailing. The event was meant to be held at Oxford SC but due to water levels hampering launching Iain Stowe had the idea of moving the event. The winds were light on the Saturday causing much excitement on the race course. Peter Gregory and Nev Millard had a promising first race finishing 4th and 6th respectively with Peter spending most of the race in 2nd. Steve Bullmore and Iain Stowe were showing their pace from the Antwerp City Cup in October with Iain getting all 3rds and Steve managing 2 2nds and a 1st. Megan Pascoe won the other 2 races with 3 very close races.


After racing we retired to the clubhouse to celebrate Megan's birthday. Food and drink were kindly provided by Keith and Iain respectively. Then after eating our evening meal we retired for the night. But not before there were some strange discussions about home decorating (don't ask!!).

Sunday thankfully brought more wind. Slightly longer race courses caused some large gains and losses. Bruce Hill found some form again but couldn’t quite convert into results. Steve managed one second but it was Iain who took the other three and made Megan work very hard for the wins. 4 wins gave Megan the event and the Travellers Trophy for 2014. The classes thanks go to Charlie Stowe and Keith Gordon for doing everything from mark laying to race officering showing that even with only 2 people racing can still be run very professionally.



1st Megan Pascoe Weymouth SC
2nd Steve Bullmore Poole YC
3rd Iain Stowe Rutland SC

Megan Pascoe GBR 141