National Championship

The 2015 2.4mR National Championship was held at Rutland Sailing Club on the 21st - 23rd August.

2015 National Champion Iain Stowe being presented with his trophy by Race Officer Charlie Stowe

Results: 1st Iain Stowe GBR 116, 2nd Bruce Hill GBR 115, 3rd Martin Whittingham-Jones, 4th and first Sailability John Brooker GBR 113, 5th Will Street GBR 3, 6th and first lady Carol Dugdale GBR 142. (full results here)



"It was a great week end run by Charlie Stowe. We also owe a great deal of thanks to Matt Grier who put out a three line whip to his people and added at least 7 to the entry list for total of 22 entries."
Martin Whittingham-Jones - GBR 88


"2015 Nationals – I started off with 2 Super Soakers, Sound System and Cameras ready.. Music playing out loud - “Dooby Step House music”. A great atmosphere of fun and competitive Racing. High lights have got to be the battles on the run throughout the weekend ( no names mentioned) and the last day when I got my act together and secured the bullets in survival conditions! Is this the first Nationals when all boats were put in the water first time with their bungs in?"
Simon Hill - GBR 110


"Great few days - mixture of weather mostly good - excellent fleet standard and 22 boats - missed Megan - two good races for me but need more practice - Banks sails very good and on Bruce Hills boat (2nd) - RYA boys standard much improved and more to come - convivial atmosphere off the water - Simon reasonably under control - need to do more of these meetings - well done to Iain for a steady performance as 1st overall - also to John and Carol for 1st disabled and 1st lady (in that order!) - last race hadn't realised I had an automatic life jacket one wave and Michelin man created unable to move!"
Steve Bullmore - GBR 148


"Although the first two days were thoroughly enjoyable in good winds, I was caught out by the inevitable Rutland chop and, without my dry suit, finished wet through to the skin.  This didn't matter much as the air temperature was in the 20s and the gear dried out overnight.  Having enjoyed a couple of good results on Saturday afternoon, I decided against subjecting my old boat and much older body to Sunday's horrendous conditions and "retired at the top" (for me anyway).  After participating in many 2.4mR Nationals, my future sailing is likely to be confined to Saturday afternoons on the calmer waters of Frensham Pond."
Richard Smallwood - GBR 48


"Between races, I have never seem a sailor get out of his boat, swim to the bow and fiddle around there.  Then swim to the stern and fiddle around there before getting back in the boat ready for the next start.  All within about 20 boat lengths of the start line.  I think it was Jonathan Currell who took a spare shackle off something non critical at the bow to replace something around the stern.  I am a bit vague on the details - others may have a better understanding."
Paul Phillips - IRL 3


"Whilst Ian Stowe and Simon Hill were sitting on Simon's new bench/ladder - Steve Bullmore commented - what is Humpty Dumpty doing? (or something along those lines)
     Simon  (aka Dobby) was playing music on the water,  Dubstep, being somewhat annoying to some.. Keith was talking about it afterwards in the club house and in error refers to this as Dobbystep!  So I guess my comment, would be - the new music genre Dobbystep.
     Finally - close finishes, one I won - with Paul and Bruce P, two I lost, one with Paul, Keith and Bruce P, the other with Squad member Ben... Good racing - might have to take a leaf out of Simons book downwind with the Starboard, Windward boat set manoeuvre!"
Kate Hedley - GBR 143


"Interesting three days, particularly the last race on Saturday when I forgot about racing for about 10 mins and concentrated on survival.  Didn't do the Sunday races."
Bruce Padfield - GBR 91


Race report published in Yachts & Yachting here.