Tidal Nationals

The 2015 Tidal Nationals were held on the 18th/19th September at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy.

The event was won by Megan Pascoe, with John Brooker 2nd and Iain Stowe 3rd. Full race report to follow. Full results here.


Above is a group photo which I think sums the class up well.

It shows that the 2.4  is competitive for:

  all ages - from ? to 75
  all weights - from 40 kgs to 95 kgs
  all physical abilities - able bodied and disabled sail together
Some of the best sailors in the UK fleet and world wide are disabled to some degree.
As the 2.4mR is an Olympic class for some - the coaching and training raises the standard for all to levels that many national and international classes would be proud of.


The picture also shows all helpers and friends.  We work together.

One special mention - Matt Grier  in the pale blue on the left - who has coached  trained  the RYA squad for many years now and made a huge contribution to team spirit in the Paralympic arena.   His efforts are now being  rewarded as John, Will and Carol are all now challenging Megan for the top.   Although Megan showed her class by winning consistently  the actual racing was much closer than the results showed.

To sum up - at The Portland and Weymouth Sailing Academy  we had a great weekend racing in possibly the best venue in the country.

Martin W-J GBR 88