Antwerp City Cup

The Antwerp City Cup was sailed on the Gagenweel lake in Antwerp  from 22nd - 25th October 2015. Our UK sailors had a good regatta. With a win for Megan, Iain was 4th, Steve 10th, Kate 16th, Simon 17th and Keith 21st.

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What defines a cup size?

Well – you might normally think when in a sailing regatta we were talking about the trophy – but NO, it was seemed to be the theory of bra sizing.... which led onto can you fit a traveller onto a bra to ensure the most efficient weight distribution. Hmmmm - serious sailing talk.

It was another fun few days in Antwerp, although the wind was slightly fickle, which led to two days without the successful completion of any racing, but that was not for the want of trying by the Belgium race officers led by David Van Keulen. The two days of successful sailing we did have had great courses that adapted to the changing wind directions.

Off the water , Eric provided us with his culinary delights – adding to lasts years Bitterballen, with Croque Monsieur – just what is needed after a hard day on the water- and all included in your entry fee along with a good supply of beer. We had our last gala dinner (and we all looked very dabber too), in the current RBYC, as they are currently under taking a rebuild- can’t wait to see the finished club house next year . The food was delicious, and party hats provided by DJ Simon went down well. (The race officer was seen sporting one at a jaunty angle on the start boat on Sunday.

Mentioning DJ Simon, he provided us with the usual entertainment, leading to some pretty amazing renditions of ‘Bye Bye miss American Pie’ and ‘My old mans a dustman’ by an elite group of 2.4 sailors, before they ambled back to their accommodation, which quite often seemed to double as a car (amazingly flexible for their age some of these guys). Roll on Tewksbury 2016 for further vocals.

As for the sailing for the GBR Wacky races team, there were mixed results- the most consistent performers were ‘Penelope Pitstop’ aka Megan, finishing in 1st place overall and ‘Peter Perfect’ aka Ian, finishing in 4th (both the same as last year) . Blubber Bear, aka Keith, was having reasonable sailing despite deftly tangling himself in some fishermens lines, until a large hole mysteriously appeared in the keel on Saturday morning, leading to an early departure from the course, and consequently at the bottom in the results.  Professor Pat Pending, aka Simon or Dobby , had a mixed regatta – some of those inventions need a little tweeking, finishing with a 17th place. As for Dick Dasterdly , aka, Steve, he spent quite a lot of time mumbling ‘drat and double drat’.. or at least I think it was that I heard as I sailed pasts.... (That’s me – ‘The Bin’ aka Kate – , yer I know that’s not part of the Wacky race set up, but it’s an Antwerp thing that seems to have stuck.....and Bins don’t rush do they Steve!) Steve finished in 10th and I was 16th .

Hopefully see you there next year – 20-23rd October 2016

Kate Hedley - GBR 143