International Association 2016 EGM

At long last we have been informed of the results of the recent EGM for the International 2.4mR Class. This was occasioned by the fact that there was not a sufficient representation of countries at the AGM in Hobart.

There were no surprises in the matters requiring a vote and much was to do with house matters such as election of officers. Shortly you can read the minutes of the meeting on the international website.

The major decision was the vote to choose the venue for the 2017 World Championships. There were two offers made by the Netherlands and by Sweden. An overwhelming vote from the NCAs made Sneek in the Netherlands the winner.

This is the venue that held the European Championships in 2014 and this was a great success. The very experienced yacht club at Sneek were more than keen to get the selection and I know the show they will put on will be brilliant to give us good racing during the week but also an equivalent good time and facilities off the water.

The water is very good for a 2.4mR and I hope that many British will make the trip next year.