Tewksbury Twerking

Well, -  not quite, but we had a good go at The Time Warp and the Row boat song... providing a lot of entertainment for the club locals, bar man and the K1 fleet that join us for the weekend open at Tewksbury. DJ cool (Aka Simon Hill) and his able assistant (Meg), chose a great selection of songs to see us through the Saturday evening BBQ. Bar man Matt seem to enjoy the event and joined in on his broom.


 The sailing was shall we say interesting.... my boat being extremely attracted to the reed beds (not sure if it was love or lust, but they were very close for a while) . The “Ditch” was challenging and gave plenty of tacking practice. For those who didn’t venture into the reed beds, I think it was quite like match racing, requiring quick manoeuvring and tactical thinking. Other hazards included “cow humps”- shallow waters where the cows had been drinking at the water’s edge leading to a mud bank in the ditch – once again yours truly seem to find more than her fair share of these – although I think Carol came a close second in this particular area.

The club enjoyed having us there so much, they have already scheduled next years event, promising to make us a trophy, as well as providing breakfast... (Remember that Keith).

Look forward to seeing more of you there next year. There are  free camping facilities on site, which make for a great value event.

And a final note to Simon – check your home location setting on your Sat Nav before leaving next year .. it’ll make for a shorter, quicker journey home.

Results :
Queen of the Ditch Megan Pascoe, second Steve Bullmore, third Iain Stowe.

Kate - GBR 143