Nine 2.4mRs went to the Norfolk Broads

Nine 2.4mRs went to the Norfolk Broads and if one 2.4mR should accidentally fall.......( hope you've picked up the tune!)

Thankfully not quite , as it was mine that nearly parted company with its trailer on the way to the crane ( note to all - if you put your mast up on land and then tow to the crane ... Watch out for over hanging trees- thankfully only a bent  wind indicator to show for it , straightened by Meg and Simon - so all is well in the world ).

Wroxham is a lovely place to sail especially when the wind is from a generally southerly direction.  The club house is right next to the sailing area, so it makes for good spectator sport and this year it was further enhanced as we joined the Star and Yeoman fleets, so it made for good viewing . The wild life added to the spectacle, with Swans, Greebs and Egyptian geese to feast your eyes on.

With two races on the Saturday and three on the Sunday, it was a full schedule, which saw many different winners and losers. The wind was a decent strength, but we pretty much all stayed dry due to the flat water. There we some ' incidents' on the water, as the racing was very close. On the last race all 9 boats arrived at the first windward mark at pretty much the same time , which led to interesting 'discussions' as part of the rounding. Thankfully the Wherry didn't join us on that occasion, however at a later rounding which raised further debate during and after the racing as to whether it was an obstacle on the course, or should have treated as any other boat.... The prize for the most 'amusing' incident goes to Simon Hill, who ran aground a metre from the finish line, moving from 3rd position to last. He seemed in good spirits though, as loud laughing could be heard by all as we did our respective 'sail bys'..... Or at least I think it was laughing, but the hand gesticulations could have one to believe otherwise....

Socially we ate too much and some of 'us' drank too much, which as usual resulted in improvements in the sailing results for me ( I still haven't worked that one out) . Thanks to my family for putting most of us up in accommodation and for providing decent scran for all on the Saturday night. Next year we have been asked to join the Yeoman fleet for a meal at the club house.. So don't miss out come and join in.

It was lovely to see Nev Milard at the event and Sally Dugdale joined us too,making for an excellent racing fleet.

Overall results

  1. Megan Pascoe
  2. Iain Stowe
  3. Carol Dugdale
  4. Simon Hill
  5. Steve Bullmore
  6. Kate Hedley
  7. Sally Dugdale
  8. Nev Millard
  9. Bruce Padfield 


Kate Hedley - GBR 143