Snow White in Antwerp

Snow White (aka Dorothy... or maybe this should be the Wizard of Oz... no stick with the plan Kate, don't make the same mistakes you do when sailing) took her seven dwarfs on an outing to Antwerp. Sleepy (aka Iain), Dopey ( Simon ), Sneezy ( Martin W-J ), Bashful ( Bruce P), Grumpy ( Steve) , Happy (Keith ) , took to the water

They were joined by the Evil Queen ( Megan), the Mirror ( Kate) , whilst the Huntsman ( Jean Stowe ) and Doc ( Martin Pascoe) stayed ashore with Snow White to keep her safe.

On the water the Dwarfs chased the Evil queen, but to no avail. When ever they asked "Mirror Mirror ( or should it be 2.4, 2.4!) on the water, who has the overall lead",  the answer came back, the Evil Queen.

Luckily when the Mirror crashed into Happy, it was Happy that came of worse, otherwise the group could have been subject to seven years bad luck. Apparently a decent bottle of white wine will sort out Happy's boat- or is that it will keep Happy, happy, whilst he repairs his boat....

The wind never blew strong and on the final day, the Evil Queen called down the fog across the Galgenweel, to protect here lead, with no racing, she maintained her narrow, but significant lead over Uli..

After sailing each morning and afternoon, Snow White and her entourage were treated to various edible delights , Snow White managed to miss the poisoned apple, focusing on the bitter ballen instead.. On the Saturday evening they all went to the brand new RBYC, which has spectacular views over the Scheldt and the most enormous gin and tonics of various differing flavours are served... they left more than a few of the dwarfs feeling wobbly on their little legs., or was it the Evil Witch spiking the drinks ??

In this re enactment , I have to make it clear, that Snow White did not kiss Grumpy... don't want to start any marital arguments.

The final results make for interesting reading , the Courtiers ( race committee) have undertaken to review how they split and score the fleet for future events. There is however no disputing that the Evil Queen won the event for the 5th time...