Congratulations to all the British winners at the 2017 Worlds


Megan Pascoe - 1st Lady and 2nd Disabled

Jonathan Currel - 3rd Disabled

Steve Bullmore -3rd Silver Fleet

Adam Billany - Prize 17



 Ten British boats made the journey to Sneekameer in the Netherlands and were joined by sailors from 20 countries with some as far field as Hong Kong and Australia to race in an international fleet of 84 boats. The event was run from the clubhouse situated on Kolmeersland Island.



Measurement was conducted on the mainland by the very able Keith, after which sailors made the short trip to Kolmeersland Island by ferry to set up camp (quite literally) with some adopting the more glamorous ‘glamping’ approach with their motorhomes.


The winds were very lively for day one of racing which made for some exciting downwinders! The epic waves at the leeward mark in race three provided optimal conditions for testing out the buoyancy in several boats. On the way in from racing, Bruce and Jonny managed to prove Newton’s third law of motion, “for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction” which resulted in a little swimming… Jonny has now learnt to secure his boat to the pontoon before catching another!


Tuesdays conditions were light and shifty airs that would prevail for the remainder of the week. The morning race was followed by a very lengthy indefinite postponement after which two evening races were sailed in the fading light. These first six races decided the Gold and Silver fleets which would battle it out in two separate series for the remainder for the week. That night, happy hour, or happy 45 minutes as it usually seemed, was much needed!


The British contingent made a strong start in both the Gold and Silver fleet series on Wednesday, with equally close racing throughout. In the evening, the Dutch laid on an impressive BBQ feast which was enjoyed by all.


Thursday’s racing was particularly challenging, with shifts going in every direction and large ‘holes’ of almost no wind appearing in the race course. This lead to the majority of mark rounding’s involving mark room for at least 5 boats!


On Friday, we woke to a glassy calm lake and with the local expert ‘wind-man’ providing little hope of improvement, the race committee made the tough call to abandon and we began to pack away our boats and head to prize giving. The Dutch laid on yet another feast, this time at the Islands restaurant after which we said our goodbyes.



Thanks to all who came and made it such a great week. Hope to see you all again in Sweden next year!


Jonny Currel - GBR124