The growth of the  Ireland Fleet


This weekend of 29th/30th July saw a small band of enthusiastic 2.4mR sailors gather at Carrickfergus for a training camp. There were 5 boats in total, carrying, Gina,Kerry, Shane, Paddy and Gary, who had come together from various locations around Ireland. The weekend weather forecast left us a little uncertain of what would be achieved, but  there was enough time between squalls to get some decent races and sailing practice in.


The weekend started on the Saturday with a morning of rigging and repairs, before setting out in the afternoon for some sailing. The group were new to their boats, so it took a while for things to settle. It was Shane's comment , "These waves are annoying" , that was the most amusing . On the Sunday we manage to venture out for a couple of hours, which saw Kerry do some spectacular Chinese gybes, before we realised her main sheet had come adrift- a quick trip back to the harbour and all was soon fixed. This was followed by another lovely lunch provided by the club, before the final debrief.


Lots was learnt (by sailors and helpers alike) and lots of laughs were had , (I think Nigel , the harbour master wins on that count!). Hopefully the group are fired up enough now to think about running a Nationals next year. If Meg's vote count it'll be at Kinsale - the food is to die for I gather- the sailing is probably pretty good too.


Meg and I had a great time and look forward to doing it again sometime. Thanks to Anne & George Taylor for organising the event and to their band of volunteers who made it all possible.


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