Wroxham Open Meeting 16th -17th September


It can't be said that the weekend weather was set fair for this event.  We all arrived on Friday intending  to be rigged and ready from launching and sailing on Saturday, but the torrential down pours put pay to that , with some of us (I wonder who...) taking  refuge in the local hostelry. 

Saturday morning continued with showers and sunshine, as we rigged and craned the boat to be ready for the 1st race. We were joining in an event with the Star and Yeoman Fleets, which makes for an interesting "milling around" before the starts.To show our fleet individuality we had a rendition of "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" (no surprise on that song selection)  as we approach the second start of the afternoon. Unfortunately the singing frightened more than the locals, with the wind dying to a mere puff towards the end of the race - next time we should try "Whistle while you work".  The safety boat feeling sorry for me, bring up the rear of the fleet, asked if I needed a tow to the club to use the facilities (I don't think he meant the bar!). When I decline he suggested if I wanted to change into my glad rags for the evening , it would be best to take my finishing place on the water and tow me in.... I graciously accepted. - after all , A gal can't dine without her glad rags on.

The evening event was a jovial affair were we joined the Yeoman fleet, with around 45 people for "Hatch dinner". A couple of birthdays were celebrated (more singing....).

Sunday morning, looked like another light wind day, but without the singing the wind filled in nicely to give us 3 good races. The racing was competitive, with lots of position changing.. The wind shifts took some getting used to, someone ,(known as Mr Long Keel),   was heard to say "I hate this place", but I think the rest of us enjoyed the challenge.  Mr Long Keel did however manage to stay away from the edge of the broads, so in-spite of his extra 22mm, did not park-up before finishing this year! 


All was rounded off with a prize giving on the lawn outside the club house in the sunshine. A lovely end to a fantastic weekend. 

Interesting fact ?

Wroxham is the first event in the UK, since I started sailing a 2.4 were the number of females taking part equalled the number of men.. and if it hadn't been for Paul Schroeder, the girls would have had a  clean sweep...  and so ends the 2017 UK season.



1. Megan Pascoe

2. Paul Schroeder

3. Carol Dugdale

4. Sally Dugdale

5. Kate Hedley

6 Nev Millard

7. Simon Hill

8. Keith Gordon.