White Rabbit in Antwerp Land 


With Alice down the rabbit hole, the white rabbit ,( Meg - chasing around helping others as usual, rather than being chased by Alice.) decided to take a trip to Antwerp with Tweedledee and Tweedledum ( Brian Harding and Andrew Millband ). They couldn’t get away from the Queen of Hearts ( Kate ) and her Knave (Stumpy) , whilst the Cheshire Cat ( Nev Millard) hitch the occasional ride and enlightened  the whole group with  his favourite words (Flange ?!!!].


Having a perchance for tunnels, the White Rabbit scurried through the St Anna tunnel followed by her entourage . The Cheshire Cat hitched a  ride with the Knave of hearts to enjoy a night out in Antwerp city centre - yes Mr Padfield! we made it to the Jazz cafe , amongst other venues where we had our Mad Hatters Tea ( or was it Bolleke) parties. 


The sailing was good  with the wind strengthening day by day. Despite some boat failure the White Rabbit, pulled herself out of the hat again and won  ( is that for the 8th time ???]. The Cheshire Cat ( hence the name) put in a storming performance on the Saturday afternoon, bagging himself a 4th and 3rd ( well done that man )


The remaining tea party members , the Door knob  (aka Martin W-J) and the Door Mouse ( aka Micheal Coates) , were well behaved (although the Door knob, did get stuck in the tunnel for a couple of hours - don’t drive , walk being the lessons.) .  The Door Knob stole a first from the White Rabbit to finish a very respectable 5th. Both he and the Door Mouse decided Sunday was a tad windy, so watched the rest of the party from the safety of shore, along with the delightful Mad Hatter ( that’s Keith Gordon  to you and me) . 


Can’t wait to do it all again next year 25th- 28th October 2018



For the official write-up on the sailing click here