Frensham Pond Open Meeting 16th/17th June 2018

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Nineteen entries came to the start line for the first race of the annual Frensham meeting for 2.4R keelboats.

The Frensham lake was at his most frustrating. A westerly wind came along with strong gusts punching in at over fifteen degrees from the norm.

By the end of the first two afternoon races it was clear that this was to be a two way contest. Megan Pascoe who has won this event five years running took the first race but not the second. In this one she was relegated to second place by another local helm: Bruce Hill. also a former national champion .

On Sunday, day two, the two way scrap continued. Megan took race three, then Bruce took race four and Megan race 5. Following a tense, boat for boat match-racing start, it was Megan who took the sixth race and with it the trophy for the sixth time.

At the prize giving, Megan who this year became Frensham’s Rear Commodore thanked all who had taken part and all who had organised the series by helping disabled helms and launching and recovering competitor’s boats.

Final results. 1st: Megan Pascoe – Frensham SC. 2nd: Bruce Hill – Frensham. 3rd: John Brooker – Frensham. 4th: Simon Hill – Frensham. 5th: John Currell. 6th: Nev Millard – Frensham. 7th: Kate Hedley – Frensham.