Llangorse open meeting




Llangorse Sailing Club 2.4mR Open Meeting 8th and 9th June 2019


The inaugural Llangorse 2.4mR Open meeting took place over the weekend of 8 and 9 June with 5 visitors and 6 Home boats. The event was run in memory of Dave Collier a club member and 2.4mR sailor who sadly lost his battle with cancer in Dec 2018.


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The forecast for the weekend was Force 6-7 winds on the Saturday and then a Force 4 on the Sunday. Well that might have been forecast but that is not what we had. The event saw a mix of abled and disable sailors and was a great example for the Club’s Disability Sailing day which took place on the Saturday.


The PRO for the Event was Nick Taylor who had a challenging job to set a windward leeward course in the Force 5 gusty weather on the Saturday and then the very shifty flat calm and rain squalls on the Sunday.


The event saw some great racing with Llangorse sailors many of whom had only been in the Fleet 1 year mixing it with the visitors, of note was Olly Taylor age 16 who beat Megan to the Leeward Mark in the 5 Race sailing GBR 6 a Howlett Mk 1.


A social event was held on the Saturday evening at the Black Cock pub in nearby Llanfihangel Tal-y-Llyn, where everyone enjoyed a Curry and a few beers.


In total 5 races were completed, 3 back to back on Saturday and 2 back to back on Sunday.


Race 1 was won by Megan Pascoe followed by Martin Whittingham-Jones and Bruce Hill

Race 2 Megan was again first Martin Second and Bruce third

Race 3 Megan first, Bruce second and Martin third

Race 4 Bruce was first, Megan second and Martin third

Race 5 Martin first, Megan second and Bruce third.


The overall results for the Llangorse Lamp was:


First Megan Pascoe

Second Martin Whittingham-Jones

Third Bruce Hill


The Collier Cup for the First Llangorse boat was:


First Paul Gomm

Second Nigel Taylor

Third Adrian Taylor


The Junior Collier Cup for the First Llangorse Junior was:


First Olly Taylor


As Fleet Captain I would like to thank the visitors Megan, Martin, Bruce Kate and Nev for travelling to our first event and for being so friendly and helpful to our fledgling fleet, also to the Llangorse Team lead by Nick who provided some great racing despite the conditions. A very special thanks goes to Rachel Collier (Dave’s Widow)and Family for being at the event and for presenting the prizes This was a very successful first Llangorse 2.4mR Open Meeting and I can’t wait for next years.


Nigel Taylor

Llangorse SC 2.4mR Fleet Captain

For results click here