Inland Nationals at Rutland  Sailing Club 

July 26th - 28th



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A lovely warm afternoon  greeted the early arrivals at Rutland Sailing Club for the Inland Nationals 2019 on Thursday and it was much of the same Friday for the later arrivals. Sun was out but unfortunately the breeze wasn't. Nice for rigging and boat bimberling but that was about it.  

We had 9 entries for the Regatta but only 8 took to the water Friday for the opening races. Kieth Gordon,Obviously with his years of experience, knew exactly what was going to happen. AP flag raised and the RO was desperately looking for wind. When it came in it came in for about 3 to 4 minutes then dropped. When the wind  came back it had shifted 180° then 3 to 4 minutes later it had dropped again. This went on for about 2 hours before the RO spoke to the sailors and it was decided to call it a day. 

Saturday was a different story. Wet and wind 15 gusting 20. 2 races in the morning and 2 races in the afternoon.  All 9 entries took to the water for the moring races. Megan had her normal 2 x 1st with a battle for 2nd between Steve B , Simon H and Millard. John Patrick, over from Northern Ireland, had a good morning. His time in the boat on the water in Carrickfergus was showing.  Jazz T was consistent but struggled with sail choice and Kate H hadn't woken up for the morning races and was slow off the line and unfortunately couldn't make up places. Jonny B realised early that  sailing in the Nationals you need to have a little time in the boat beforehand.  Once a year is not going to do you any favours.  It was only the fact Keith G (our very own favourite measurer) was sailing that kept Jonny from bring up the rear. Keith was very happy with his boat speed but not as happy with boat  direction. 


Saturday afternoon races saw  Megan with another 2 x 1st, Steve B had mixed fortunes. A coming together at the start meant a 360 and was unable to make up ground. At what point do you think Discard?  As soon as you hit? After the 360, when you see the back of the fleet or as you cross the fi ish line after not making up places. The pressures was obviously getting to Millard and he couldn't match the morning results. Don't know what Kate H had for lunch but what ever it was she will be having it again. After a disappointing morning she turnedit around with 2x 3rd.


Sunday brought more rain and wind. 20 gusting 25 hitting gusts of 30. Keith G felt he had done enough Saturday and spent the morning in the committee boat with finger poised over the OCS button. Unfortunately for him but fortunately for us there was no OCS boats. Megan finished off her picket fence (1st) as a discard. How many people dream of discarding a 1st. ( I had a 1st in the Inland Nationals once. I need to mention Megan was sailing. ) Steve B and Simon H were battling it out for 2nd and 3rd overall. Millard did enough to hold onto 4th. Kate H finished on a high but the slow start Saturday was costly.  John Patrick with consistent sailing over the weekend finished with a big smile after finally beating Millard in the final race. Jonny B had a boat malfunction so headed back to the dock before the first race. Just wondering if the backstay had gone brittle due to lack of use and snapped.  



 Nev Millard GBR144

Results can be found Rutland inland Nationals