Antwerp 2019


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  And so on from Genoa, 3 fool hardy Brits continued onto Antwerp. One returning home for a brief 4 days at work (what does the T-Shirt say - " Born to Sail, Forced to Work"), the other 2 continuing their road trip. Meg , Kate and Nev where join my Brit , Martin Whittingham Jones, who had to pull out of Genoa. So a merry band of 4 headed into Antwerp, for what had looked like a pleasant three days sailing... but low and behold the weather forecast changed from a sunny 8mph to a blustery 18 gusting 30mph... oh joy, more windy weather, just what we needed.  Still at least the water would be flat !!


Martin and Meg settled nicely into the racing, whereas Nev and Kate where showing signs of fatigue.  Meg didn't have it all her own way, with a couple of bandits in borrowed Belgian boats, showing their skills. But Meg was not to be defeated and once again tussled with Uli Libor at this event, winning overall for the 8th time.

Martin suffered from pole rope failure, but he said "to be honest in that wind strength and with shortish legs it might actually have been a blessing", he gybed on every wind shift and did not have to fight with the pole at the leeward mark roundings.

Nev pulled himself together on the second day, to put in a solid performance, whereas Kate remain consistent in the heavy winds, improving on the last day as the wind subsided for a pleasant morning racing.


And so they are all back home. The  boats require a bit of TLC, but should be ready to go for winter sailing.


Thanks to all for a great season sailing, can't wait to do it all again next year. 


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