Essen City Cup and SarLorLux

The first two German regattas were to take place during April at Essen and then down to Bostalsee for the SarLorLux regatta.Both meetings were well attended and the standard of sailing high. The most important aspect of these meetings was the hospitality of our German hosts. Nothing was too much trouble for them, accommodation in the clubhouses tantamount for free, breakfast, lunch and dinner provided all within the more than reasonable entry fees.

There was even a free bar at each club for the duration of the regattas. What more could you ask for - great sailing,great food and drink and a serious time on the water followed by a great atmosphere on land. We had sailors from five countries taking part and some very well known names amongst the fleet, several well known in Dragon, Finn, Flying Dutchman and other important boats over the years.

Steve, sporting the first set of the Banks Sails new design, found terrific boatspeed in his new red boat and scored a first overall for the Essen Rhur City Cup and a second overall at the SarLorLux meeting. Keith had some moments of glory too on the water but overall we both had a very enjoyable and memorable time hopefully to be repeated next year.

With the uncertainty surrounding the Paralympic future it is very important that we try and support the central European countries as this is what will keep our class alive and thriving. Lets hope that more UK sailors will take the plunge next year as it is possible that the UK will be one of the countries to be part of the Central European Cup - three events to qualify - one of which we can nominate in the UK which could bring sailors to visit us as well.

Steve BullmoreĀ  GBR 148