National Championships

The 2016 International Paint Poole Regatta was held over the Spring Holiday weekend 28th - 30th May and during this at the Poole Yacht Club we held our National Championship.

1st place and 2016 National Champion was Iain Stowe. Just in case anyone is confused, where Iain is shown as 2.4mR winner on the Regatta website, the Mrs Robinson he is shown as winning with is his boat, not a crew! 2nd was Martin Whittingham-Jones and 3rd was Simon Hill. Special mention must go to Jean-Paul Alexander from the Royal Yacht Club van België who joined us.



We had varying conditions over the weekend. Saturday saw about 8 kts wind swinging between ENE and ESE. By Sunday it had increased to about 12 kts, this time between N and NE. Still from the same direction, Monday saw another increase in strength to about 15 kts which made for VERY damp sailing conditions (my pump was used quite a bit!).

One thing that was very noticeable though was how close the fleet was racing. The spread by the end of the races was so much closer than a few years ago. There was no waiting for the tail-enders to finish. The closeness also shows in the final positions. 1st and 2nd place were separated by one point. 3rd and 4th place were separated by one point. 5th and 6th place were separated by one point, as were 7th and 8th place. So there were battles going on throughout the fleet.

As 2 years ago the Delta Lloyd Regatta overlapped with Poole by one day and Megan Pascoe made a heroic trip back from racing in Medemblik on Saturday to be with us on Sunday. I know I am a bit(!) older than Meg, but I could never have survived the trip and raced immediately. But as many in the UK fleet have previously commented, we really appreciate the support and encouragement she gives us. She is a great ambassador for our class.


Those of us who don't have quite as much energy as some of the younger members of the fleet did find that the more lively conditions on Sunday sapped our strength a bit!


Thanks must go to Poole Yacht Club for their hospitality in hosting our championship. Bring on 2018!

Full results for the Championship here.

Peter Gregory - GBR 148